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Miyama Nature and Culture Village

Miyama Nature and Culture Village Kyoto

Miyama Nature and Culture Village is a leisure facility surrounded by nature along the Yura River.  Outdoor recreational facilities such as apple orchards and campsites are scattered in nature, and it is impossible to see them all in one day. …

Urashima Shrine

Urashima Shrine Ine Kyoto

Urashima Shrine was built in 825 and is dedicated to Urashima Taro as the Great Tsutsukawa Myojin. As you may guess from the Name, the shrine is very famous for its connection with the legend of Urashima, and various treasures…

Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower is an observation tower that stands in front of the Karasuma Exit of JR Kyoto Station. It is the tallest structure in the city, standing 131 m (660 ft) tall including the base building (Kyoto Tower Building). It…