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Urashima Shrine Ine Kyoto

Urashima Shrine

Urashima Shrine was built in 825 and is dedicated to Urashima Taro as the Great Tsutsukawa Myojin.

As you may guess from the Name, the shrine is very famous for its connection with the legend of Urashima, and various treasures of the legend are kept in the archive room in the precincts of the shrine, including a ball-shaped box said to have been brought back from the Dragon’s Palace and the Urashima Myojin picture scroll (an important cultural asset).

Urashima Shrine Ine Kyoto

Urashima Shrine Information

NameUrashima Shrine
ClosedOpen all year round (The Treasure House is closed during the year-end and New Year holidays)
FeeFree to enter the precincts of the temple (400 yen to visit the Treasure House)
Address141 Honjohama, Ine-cho, Yosagun, Kyoto

How To Get To Urashima Shrine

From Kitakinki Tango Railway Amanohashidate Station, take the Tankai Bus bound for Gamairi or Kyogemisaki (1 hour and 13 minutes), get off at bus stop: Urashima Jinja-mae and walk 2 minutes.