Private Guided Culinary and Cocktail Tour in Kyoto

Step into the vibrant world of Kyoto’s culinary and cocktail scene with a private guided tour that unveils the city’s hidden gems and flavors. Imagine strolling through bustling markets, sampling local delicacies, and sipping on expertly crafted cocktails infused with Kyoto’s essence. As the sun sets, the journey takes an intriguing turn, promising an evening filled with authentic experiences and intriguing tales that only Kyoto can offer. This tour is not just about food and drinks; it’s a doorway to a cultural and gastronomic adventure waiting to be savored.

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Good To Know

Private Guided Culinary and Cocktail Tour in Kyoto - Good To Know

  • Private guided tour exploring Kyoto’s culinary scene.
  • Visit Sawai Soy Sauce Brewery and The Corner Bar.
  • Sample traditional sake, shochu, and Kyoto-inspired cocktails.
  • Maximum of 10 participants for an intimate experience.
  • Enjoy vibrant atmosphere, mixology workshop, and culture.

Tour Overview

Private Guided Culinary and Cocktail Tour in Kyoto - Tour Overview

Set out on a culinary and cocktail adventure through the vibrant streets of Kyoto with a private guided tour that promises a delightful exploration of local flavors and traditions. Dive into the heart of Kyoto’s culinary scene as you’re led by an English-speaking guide to discover the city’s hidden gems.

Begin your journey at the renowned Sawai Soy Sauce Brewery, where you’ll explore the art of soy sauce production. Next, savor the exquisite creations at The Corner Bar in Park Hotel Kyoto, known for its innovative cocktails. Enjoy the rich tapestry of Japanese drinking culture, sampling a variety of traditional beverages.

With convenient subway transportation included, navigating between stops is seamless, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free experience.

Tour Duration and Group Size

Private Guided Culinary and Cocktail Tour in Kyoto - Tour Duration and Group Size

The private guided culinary and cocktail tour in Kyoto typically lasts around 3 hours and accommodates a maximum of 10 participants. As the tour unfolds, participants are immersed in a world where culinary delights and exquisite cocktails blend seamlessly.

  • Imagine savoring the delicate flavors of traditional Kyoto cuisine, expertly paired with locally crafted cocktails.

  • Feel the buzz of excitement as you explore hidden gems of the city’s culinary scene with a small, intimate group.

  • Experience the art of mixology firsthand, learning the secrets behind crafting the perfect cocktail from skilled bartenders.

Set out on a journey where taste buds are tantalized, stories are shared, and unforgettable memories are created in the heart of Kyoto.

Language and Availability

The private guided culinary and cocktail tour in Kyoto provides an English-speaking guide for a personalized experience, ensuring clear communication and seamless interactions for participants. This feature caters to international visitors, offering a deeper understanding of Japanese culinary and cocktail culture.

The availability of an English-speaking guide enhances the overall enjoyment of the tour, allowing guests to ask questions, receive recommendations, and engage in meaningful conversations throughout the experience. With confirmation typically provided within 48 hours of booking, participants can rest assured that their language needs will be met, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all.

This attention to detail showcases the tour’s commitment to excellence and guest satisfaction, promising a memorable and informative journey through Kyoto’s culinary and cocktail scene.


Join this private guided culinary and cocktail tour in Kyoto to indulge in a curated experience that includes a visit to a soy sauce brewery and a stop at a renowned bar in the heart of the city.

As part of this immersive journey, participants can expect:

  • Delight your taste buds with a guided tour at Sawai Soy Sauce Brewery, where centuries-old traditions meet modern techniques.

  • Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of The Corner Bar at Park Hotel Kyoto, known for its innovative cocktails and stylish ambiance.

  • Enjoy the convenience of transportation fees being included, ensuring a seamless and stress-free exploration of Kyoto’s culinary and cocktail scene.

Alcoholic Beverages Offered

Private Guided Culinary and Cocktail Tour in Kyoto - Alcoholic Beverages Offered

Indulge in a selection of local and traditional alcoholic beverages during the private guided culinary and cocktail tour in Kyoto. Participants above Japan’s legal drinking age of 20 will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of drinks that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region. From sake to shochu and unique cocktail creations, this tour offers a chance to immerse in the flavors of Kyoto. Below is a table highlighting some of the alcoholic beverages included in the tour package:

Alcoholic Beverages
Kyoto-inspired Cocktails

Subway Transportation Details

Efficiently commute through Kyoto’s vibrant cityscape on the private guided culinary and cocktail tour by utilizing the convenient subway transportation. Navigating the bustling streets of Kyoto has never been easier with the following benefits:

  • Glide seamlessly to Marutamachi and Imadegawa Stations, enjoying the heart of the city’s culinary scene.

  • Experience the local charm as you embark on an easy commute to various gastronomic hotspots, savoring the rich flavors of Kyoto.

  • Revel in the efficiency of subway travel, allowing you to focus on the culinary delights and cocktail creations awaiting your exploration.

Meeting and Pickup Information

Private Guided Culinary and Cocktail Tour in Kyoto - Meeting and Pickup Information

At the start of the private guided culinary and cocktail tour in Kyoto, you will convene at the historic Sawai Soy Sauce Brewery located at 292 Nakanochō, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto. This traditional soy sauce brewery, founded in 1789, sets the perfect tone for an evening of culinary exploration.

The meeting time is set for 2:00 PM, allowing guests to enjoy the rich history and flavors of Kyoto. Once gathered, an English-speaking guide will lead the group through an unforgettable journey of taste and culture.

After the brewery visit, the adventure continues with a visit to The Corner Bar at Park Hotel Kyoto, where participants can indulge in expertly crafted cocktails while enjoying the city’s vibrant ambiance.

Tour Itinerary

After exploring the historic Sawai Soy Sauce Brewery and savoring the essence of traditional soy sauce making, the culinary and cocktail tour in Kyoto takes participants on a delightful journey through the city’s flavors and spirits.

The itinerary includes a mix of culture, culinary delights, and exquisite cocktail experiences:

  • Traditional Sake Tasting: Participants get to sample a variety of sake, learning about the brewing process and the significance of this iconic Japanese beverage.

  • Kyoto Street Food Adventure: Dive into the bustling local food scene, trying out street food delicacies like takoyaki and yakiniku, offering a true taste of Kyoto’s gastronomic culture.

  • Mixology Workshop: Engage in a hands-on cocktail making session, crafting unique drinks inspired by local ingredients and traditional flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vegetarian or Vegan Food Options Available During the Tour?

Vegetarian or vegan food options are available during the tour. Participants with dietary preferences can enjoy a variety of plant-based dishes. The tour ensures inclusivity, catering to different culinary needs and preferences.

Is There a Non-Alcoholic Beverage Option for Participants?

For participants seeking non-alcoholic options, the tour offers a delightful array of refreshing choices. From local teas to artisanal fruit blends, guests can savor unique flavors that beautifully complement Kyoto’s culinary and cultural experience.

Can Participants Under the Legal Drinking Age Join the Tour?

Yes, participants under the legal drinking age can join the tour. Non-alcoholic beverage options are available to cater to all guests. The experience ensures inclusivity, allowing everyone to enjoy the culinary delights and cultural insights of Kyoto.

Is There a Dress Code Recommended for the Tour?

For this tour, there is no strict dress code, but participants are encouraged to wear comfortable attire and shoes suitable for walking. The focus is on enjoying culinary delights and cocktails in Kyoto!

Are Tips for the Guide Included in the Tour Package?

Tips for the guide are not included in the tour package. Guests are encouraged to express their appreciation for exceptional service by tipping the guide at their discretion. It’s a lovely way to show gratitude.

The Sum Up

Set out on a culinary and cocktail tour in Kyoto for a unique and immersive experience exploring the local flavors and traditions of this vibrant city.

With a small group size and personalized guide, you’ll enjoy visits to a historic soy sauce brewery, sake tastings, a mixology workshop, and innovative cocktails inspired by Kyoto.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable journey into the culinary scene of Kyoto.