Private Kimono Photography Session in Kyoto

Set out on a journey through time and tradition with a private Kimono Photography Session in Kyoto. Step into the elegance of Japan’s iconic garment, carefully selected and styled to perfection by expert hands. Wander through Kyoto’s picturesque streets and capture moments that transcend cultures. From the intricate folds of the kimono to the serene backdrop of historic sites, every detail is a brushstroke in a larger portrait waiting to be unveiled. Explore a world where heritage meets artistry, and where memories are woven into the fabric of time.

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Good To Know

Private Kimono Photography Session in Kyoto - Good To Know

  • 3-hour session with 2-3 kimono changes.
  • Includes full kimono set and 200-300 photos.
  • Professional English-speaking photographer and transport provided.
  • Optional hairstyling and makeup services available.
  • Convenient meeting at Inari Station with clear instructions.

Kimono Rental Set Inclusions

Private Kimono Photography Session in Kyoto - Kimono Rental Set Inclusions

Included in the Kimono Rental Set are the essential items needed to complete your traditional Japanese look, such as a kimono, undergarments, socks, sandals, and a bag.

The kimono, a key element of this ensemble, is meticulously selected to ensure authenticity and elegance. Undergarments are provided to enhance comfort and fit, while socks and sandals complement the overall aesthetic.

The bag included isn’t only functional but also adds a touch of tradition to your attire. Each item is carefully curated to harmonize with the others, creating a cohesive and visually stunning outfit.

This comprehensive set guarantees that every detail of your look is thoughtfully considered, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the beauty of Japanese culture during your photography session.

Shawl Availability in Winter

During the winter months, a shawl is made available to complement the kimono ensemble for added warmth and style during the photography session in Kyoto. The shawl, carefully selected to enhance the traditional attire, offers both practicality and elegance.

Here’s what participants can expect:

  1. Warmth: The shawl provides a cozy layer to shield against the chill of winter in Kyoto.

  2. Versatility: Designed to match various kimono styles, the shawl adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look.

  3. Comfort: Made from soft, high-quality fabric, the shawl ensures comfort while exploring the picturesque locations for the photography session.

Photography Session Details

Private Kimono Photography Session in Kyoto - Photography Session Details

Participants in the private kimono photography session in Kyoto can expect a personalized experience capturing the essence of traditional Japanese culture against the backdrop of iconic landmarks. The photography session details are as follows:

Details Information
Duration 3 hours
Locations Gion District, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Arashiyama Bamboo Grove
Outfit Changes 2-3 different kimonos

The session includes the rental of a complete kimono set, 200-300 high-quality non-edited photos, and an English-speaking professional photographer. Transportation to and from the meeting point at Inari Station is provided. Participants can look forward to a comprehensive and picturesque experience capturing the beauty of Kyoto in traditional attire.

Hairstyling and Makeup Services

Private Kimono Photography Session in Kyoto - Hairstyling and Makeup Services

The private kimono photography session in Kyoto also offers hairstyling and makeup services to ensure participants look their best for the photoshoot.

The expert stylists work their magic to enhance the traditional kimono experience with a touch of elegance and authenticity.

Here’s what to expect with the hairstyling and makeup services:

  1. Skilled hairstyling to complement the kimono and create a harmonious look.

  2. Professional makeup application tailored to enhance natural features and match the kimono’s colors and style.

  3. Guidance on traditional Japanese beauty practices to fully learn about the cultural experience.

With these services, participants are guaranteed to radiate beauty and grace in their kimono photoshoot.

Meeting and Pickup Information

Private Kimono Photography Session in Kyoto - Meeting and Pickup Information

Upon arrival at Inari Station in Kyoto for the private kimono photography session, you will be greeted by the English-speaking professional photographer at 08:30 AM sharp. The meeting point offers easy access to public transportation, ensuring a convenient start to the day. The activity will conclude back at the same location, allowing for a seamless experience without worrying about transportation arrangements. Participants can rest assured that clear instructions for the meeting location will be provided, ensuring a stress-free beginning to the enchanting journey of capturing beautiful moments in traditional attire.

Meeting Point Inari Station, Kyoto
Start Time 08:30 AM sharp
End Location Inari Station

Expectations and Accessibility

Private Kimono Photography Session in Kyoto - Expectations and Accessibility

Arriving at Inari Station in Kyoto for the private kimono photography session, you can anticipate a confirmation of their booking within 48 hours.

When preparing for the experience, guests should consider the following:

  1. The activity isn’t wheelchair accessible, ensuring that participants can move freely during the session.

  2. The tour is stroller-friendly, making it convenient for families with young children.

  3. While it isn’t recommended for pregnant travelers due to the nature of the activity, those who are able to participate can expect a personalized and private tour tailored to their group’s preferences.

Cancellation Policy and Additional Details

Private Kimono Photography Session in Kyoto - Cancellation Policy and Additional Details

Understanding the cancellation policy and key additional details is important for participants of the private kimono photography session in Kyoto.

Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund. It’s crucial to note that the experience is weather-dependent, ensuring optimal conditions for the photoshoot.

Participants will receive a confirmation within 48 hours of booking, providing peace of mind and clarity on the upcoming session. The booking code, 416969P7, is essential for referencing your reservation.

Specific terms and conditions apply, so it’s recommended to review these details thoroughly.

For any inquiries or assistance, the Viator Help Center is available to address questions promptly, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable kimono photography experience in Kyoto.

Contact and Booking Information

Private Kimono Photography Session in Kyoto - Contact and Booking Information

For inquiries regarding booking or assistance with the private kimono photography session in Kyoto, participants can contact the Viator Help Center for prompt responses and support.

Contact Information:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +1 (702) 648-5873
  • Live Chat: Available on the Viator website

When reaching out to Viator, participants can expect professional assistance in booking their private kimono photography session.

The Viator Help Center offers multiple channels for communication, ensuring that any queries or booking needs are addressed efficiently.

Whether it’s to inquire about availability, pricing, or any other details, Viator’s customer service team is dedicated to providing a seamless booking experience for this unique and culturally immersive activity in Kyoto.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Choose the Color and Style of the Kimono for the Photography Session?

Yes, participants can choose the color and style of the kimono for their photography session. The set includes various options and accessories, ensuring a personalized experience. It’s a great way to capture unique memories in a traditional Japanese outfit.

Is There an Additional Cost for the Shawl in Winter?

Yes, there is an additional cost for the shawl in winter. The shawl is available as part of the Kimono Rental Set and provides extra warmth during the colder months. It complements the outfit while ensuring comfort.

How Many Outfit Changes Are Allowed During the Photography Session?

During the photography session in Kyoto, participants can enjoy unlimited outfit changes. This allows for various looks and styles to be captured in the 200-300 high-quality non-edited photos included in the package.

Can We Request a Specific Hairstyle or Makeup Look for the Session?

Yes, participants can request a specific hairstyle or makeup look for the session. The professional team will accommodate preferences to ensure a personalized experience. This adds a touch of individuality to the kimono photography session in Kyoto.

Is There a Grace Period for Late Arrivals at the Meeting Point?

For late arrivals at the meeting point, there is a 15-minute grace period. After this time, the activity will proceed without the latecomer. It’s essential to arrive promptly to enjoy the full experience.

The Sum Up

Experience the magic of Kyoto with a private kimono photography session that captures the essence of Japanese tradition and beauty.

From the carefully selected kimonos to the expert guidance of professional photographers and stylists, this personalized experience promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Japan’s rich heritage.

Enjoy elegance and tradition, and create lasting memories in iconic locations like the Gion District and Fushimi Inari Shrine.

Book your session now for a truly unique and unforgettable experience.